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Lock it Up: Differential Lockers for Dana 60

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The Dana 60 front axle and housing easily handles the load capabilities of the Isuzu platform, but when it comes to off-road capability, it is essential to pair with a reliable front locker to ensure you get the most out of your 4x4 conversion. The RidgeRock base conversion includes installation of Eaton's Mechanical locking differential in Isuzu's OEM rear Axle, and the choice of either the Truetrac or Elocker up front.

Detroit TrueTrac

Included standard in the RidgeRock Base Conversion Package, the Detroit Truetrac is the modern standard for a passive off-road locking differential. Its torsen design features automatic engagement and a maintenance free lifespan. The Truetrac behaves similarly to a Limited Slip Differential (LSD), providing smooth and reliable cruising and cornering on the blacktop, and locks when the difference in torque on the axle shafts reaches the bias threshold. Unlike most LSDs, the Truetrac's employs a helical gear system that does not use a clutch or special lubricants that need regular maintenance or replacement.

When driven off road, the Truetrac offers seamless and reliable engagement and transfers up to 3.5 times power to the high traction wheel. This style of locker does require some getting used to in order to get the best performance off-road, and is not designed for true rock-crawling. For high performance in any off-road conditions, we recommend upgrading your front axle to the Eaton E-Locker.

Eaton ELocker

Eaton's electronic locking differential is the choice for traction on demand. This style of locker offers the most control off-road when conditions require. This selectable system is simple as it gets: operating as an open differential when not engaged and locking the axle entirely for maximized traction. The lockable 12V rocker switch can be integrated seamlessly into the stock dash or any standard sized switchboard.

Quick Reference Guide



​Automatic Engagement

​Full Axle Lock On Demand

Optimized Torque Bias for Acceleration and Handling

​Maximum Traction

​Slight Learning Curve for Smoothest Operation

Net Forged Gears for Strength & Durability

​Forward and Reverse

Forward and Reverse

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

Please reach out to to learn more or to schedule your conversion today.

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