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Choosing a Cabover Pt 3: Gas Vs Diesel

One of our most frequently asked questions about the Isuzu platform is also one of the most difficult to answer: What is better, Gas or Diesel?

There are a lot of questions and considerations when making this decision: Long and short-term costs, performance applications, and availability. This article will cover the basic principles of each, however, Super Lawn Trucks offers a very informative article backed by case study and cost breakdowns here:

Gas and Diesel Performance

To make things simple performance comes down to this:

Diesel = Torque Gasoline = Horsepower



  • Higher upfront cost

  • Simpler engine components

  • Higher short-term maintenance costs

  • Longer engine lifespan

  • Better towing options

  • Better fuel efficiency

  • DEF and SRC required

  • More pre-owned options available

  • Lower upfront cost

  • Higher long-term maintenance costs

  • Better acceleration and highway performance

  • More space used up by exhaust pipes

  • Quieter engine

  • Better fuel availability

A Note on Emissions & Regulations

Once touted as the "environmental" choice among regulators and manufacturers due to their greater volumetric efficiency (mpg), diesel engines have taken a lot of heat in the last decade from those very same groups. Keep in mind that 20 years ago, the environmental movement was primarily focused on one factor, CO2 emissions. Research is advancing and new data is gathered about the waste products of both diesel AND gasoline combustion such as NOx and particulate matter. Regulators are doing their best to keep up with the latest technologies that mitigate the unwanted and in some cases, unseen, byproducts of these fuels. Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SRC), and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) all add to the complexity (and cost) of modern diesel engines, however, they now maintain dramatically lower emissions of regulated byproducts. At the same time, advancements in gasoline engine technology have narrowed the performance gap for light/medium duty applications while still adhering to regulations.

Get the Job Done, Consider your Neighbor

At RidgeRock, we strive to design 4x4 solutions for the platform you require, be it gasoline or diesel. We are happy to discuss how your anticipated usage will impact your long and short-term costs as well as your environmental impact. While a DEF delete may be an option in some local applications, we do not offer it as a RidgeRock service.

Please reach out to to learn more or to schedule your conversion today.

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