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The Original RidgeRock

It costs you time and money to leave your fleet's workhorse truck behind on a snowy day or an off-road job. With the RidgeRock conversion you get all the benefits of the Cabover platform with the performance of stock 4x4. Keep the duallys for heavy load applications or convert to RidgeRock's 20" Super Single Rims for smooth maneuverability off the pavement.

Our RidgeRock™ trim level is the base platform line of RidgeRock Expedition Vehicles™. Any of our 4x4 drive trucks can be customized for any industry application, such as snow plowing, drilling platforms, and agricultural use. The RidgeRock™ converted chassis gives you the confidence take on jobs where others won't.

Built for Your Needs


Take On Any Job


Engineering You Can Count On

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