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Choosing A Cabover Pt 2: Wheelbase

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

One of the many features to consider when choosing which truck meets your needs is wheelbase. Isuzu’s N Series cabovers come in 4 stock wheelbase options. The wheelbase of the vehicle affects both the size and center of gravity of the load placed on the chassis. Below you will find a quick reference guide for N Series trucks of different wheelbases.

*NRR with wheelbase modified from 150" to 132.5"






Overall length





Cab to End of Frame





​Recommended Platform Length





*Conversion on the 109” wheelbase chassis is not being offered in summer/fall of 2022. The same systems that allow for RidgeRocks exceptionally high center-clearance, or "breakover angle", also increase the angle of attack on the rear drive shaft in shorter chassis.

Wheelbase Modification

RidgeRock offers optional chassis alterations including chassis shortening down to a 132.5” wheelbase. This can be a great option to get your final build down to your preferred overall length. Chassis modification may also include shortening frame rails or the application of auxiliary equipment.

Please reach out to to learn more or to schedule your conversion today.

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