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RidgeRock Expedition Vehicles is the evolution of a 40 year passion for high quality, professional auto services and supplies. Started in 1974 as Rolando Mobile Repairs, the business offered mobile services for auto repairs around Miami, FL. We continued to grow and advance, eventually renaming the mechanic shop Rainbow Transmission which services mid-size commercial trucks from local businesses and further abroad.

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Rainbow Transmission, which stopped providing mobile services to better serve our customers, now houses fifteen employees and our own parts department to support our shop’s demands. Expanding from our days of general services, the business began specializing in general repairs and maintenance of Allison Transmissions and Cabover Trucks, such as lsuzus, Mitsubishi, Nissan UDs and Hinos.

Founded in 1998, RC Truck Parts specializes in transmissions. We focus on new and used parts for Isuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu NRR, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan UD, and Hino trucks. We have an extensive local selection in our warehouse and also sell to South America and the Caribbean. Through our eBay store, we sell parts throughout the United States.

Started in 2010, The Machine Shop was established to assist Rainbow Transmission with modifications and upgrades to internal transmission parts and components. It also became the launching pad for our research and development department for the 4x4 conversions, which would become the foundation of RidgeRock Expedition Vehicles™.

Started in 2012, we launched the 4x4 conversion services as part of Rainbow Transmission to convert trucks to meet the needs of our clients in the agriculture, landscaping, and snowplowing industries, who needed heavy duty trucks to withstand intense, off-road terrain. 

For quality control of converters and to meet the demands of all our businesses, we opened the Converter Shop in 2018 to facilitate a constant flow of this integral transmission component. 

All these years of passion and expertise in the transmission and truck industry combined with our experience in our previous business ventures have culminated in RidgeRock Expedition Vehicles™, founded in 2020. We provides sale, conversion, and customization services for 4x4 cabover trucks, such as Isuzu, GMC, and Chevrolet.  

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